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About GD Illustration

GD Illustration is a creative studio that explores and captures society and culture on a deep and symbolic level. I accept private commissions. I can give your personal story a visual representation that becomes a treasured keepsake for you and your loved ones.It can visually connect with feelings and emotions in a way that words alone cannot. It’s an incredible gesture sure to be appreciated by the honoree. It makes a good family heirloom and gift.

Do you have someone in your life that you would like to honor with a beautiful piece of art as a way to show your respect for a struggle or accomplishment?

Have you or someone you know battled cancer, addiction or a personal struggle?

I can make your personal story into a masterful piece of artwork that can help you or someone you love coupe with past hardships.

About the Artist

With over 15 commercial clients and collectors from all over the world, Garret DeChellis is a seasoned professional artist. His portfolio consists of symbolism, conceptual, wild life art, fantasy, science fiction and children’s book illustration. His work has been cited and published in book stores, gaming companies, galleries, magazines, graphic novels, private collections, and children’s books. Garret DeChellis is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, with a bachelor’s in Illustration and Fine art.

He began his career as a professional artist working for an international interior design company, creating large floral and scenic landscape paintings. He then began working for gaming companies including Fantasy Flight Games, where he has been featured in a wide variety of their publications such as Game of Thrones, Heavy Metal Magazine, Rhino Films, and Permuted Press. Furthermore, Garret DeChellis, is an experienced art instructor, web designer and software developer. He is currently working as a freelance painter, illustrator, and software designer in Panama City, FL. Short and long term private commissions are accepted.

Commercial Client List

Gallery Books
Heavy Metal Magazine
Rio Grande Games
Fantasy Flight Games
Game of Thrones
Middle Earth Publising
Dr. Steve Dunnivant
Walter Koenig
Permuted Press Publishing
Lucas Film,Ltd.
Creative Arts,Inc.
Sams Dot Publishing
Rhino Films
Horror Hound Publishing
D/C Vertigo
Aesops Kiss
Society of Illustrators

Conventions List

Gen Con – Indianapolis, Indiana
Creative Con – Panama City, Florida
Comic Con – San Diego, California
Mega Con – Orlando, Florida
Necranomicon – St.Petersburg, Florida
Alta Con – Tallahassee, Florida


Donate & Support

Please donate and support me in my art and dedication to the local people and helping others through my artwork.