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This piece was inspired by the old myth that owls are angelic shadows of both life and death. They harvest wisdom, absorbing knowledge of our very existence. It is said that owls are the messengers of new life and the next beginning. The ancient folklore believes that if owls begin to follow you, either new life or the next life has attached itself to you.

I have witnessed this to hold some terrifying truth. It wasn’t until my wife was pregnant with our first child that I noticed the chilling sound of owls in our neighborhood. Remembering the folklore, I played with the idea that It was either life or death stalking me. Luckily, it was the result of our first born son. The owls seemed to stick around for a couple weeks after the birth of my first son, until one day the sounds of the owls completely disappeared. About a year later on a dark, cool, and very silent night after work I heard that familiar, yet unsettling, “hoot, hoot,” echo through the sky as a reminder that life or death has returned. The ambiguous message this time around was uncertain. I assumed either my wife was pregnant again or death was close by. The next day, I learned that one of my neighbors had sadly passed away the night before in the hospital. The nightmarish fable had come to fruition. Our earthly time may have an expiration date, but we must remember that time as a whole is eternal. Time has no true beginning or end as the old fable tells, the owls simply represent the new beginning or a next lifetime to offer.

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GD Illustration is a creative studio that explores and captures the wild life living in the gulf coast through the lense of an illustrator. You can buy originals,prints,coasters, cutting boards and many more products with these local and beautiful creatures, so you can appreciate them in your everyday life.

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