ILLUSION OF TIME: Transcending the subconscious

ILLUSION OF TIME: Transcending the subconscious


Description of Piece

Transcending time is exploring the boundaries of illusion and reality. We are truly immortal in spirit and mind. In order to transcend, we must leave behind our physical body to allow our subconscious move to a different state of existence. To completely transcend from the illusion of time you must project through the barrier of the physical world and into an existence of eternity, which time will have no real meaning. This eternity may be an interpretation of the after life where we all exist forever, leaving the optical illusion of time and space.

Time is the transfer of one space to the next.

When I was conceptualizing this idea, I thought of symbols of time. The hour glass is a perfect example of my interpretation of life through time. It is a countdown, timing your existence in this world. Each grain of sand symbolizes a day we have on the earth. I then thought about the creation of stars. The nebula contains several active star-forming gas and dust regions, creating nurseries of stars symbolizing creation. Each star represents a person that has transcended into a next life.


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Blog Post Title: Illusion of Time : Transcending the subconscious : escaping reality

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