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Against All Odds Fundraiser

Andrea and Daniel Hickox is a young military couple that had a dream to adopt a child. Variables in their life prevented them to conceive naturally. So, they turned to adoption. Unfortunately, they were facing upwards of $30,000 to adopt a baby. In parallel to their struggle, I was creating a art series dealing with adoption and the obscure obstacles they place in front of potential candidates.

When I heard of the Hickox struggle to come up with the money, I wanted to construct a art show and fundraiser to raise funds for them to make their dream finally come true. With the help of like-minded individuals, sponsors and a lot of planning we raised $21,300. With some additional help from Daniel family they made the difference. A couple months after the fundraiser, the Hickok family adopted a baby girl: which they named Ava.



Hayden King Fundraiser

I was working on my latest art series: which I coined as, “Time, Space and Embrace”. Focusing on the concept of time and all its several interpretations. I wanted to incorporate my art series with another fundraiser, this time to benefit someone battling cancer. The idea was to raise money to buy them more time.

An old high school friend of mine, Amy King , has a son, Hayden King, which is battling a rare bone disease. They needed $20,000 to pay for future treatments and additional cost. I made it my ultimate goal to see that they received the amount needed. After two months of getting sponsors together, getting a matcher: The Tyler Robinson Foundation and funds raised at the event, we raised a total of $19,200. It was a great success. The experience was amazing and it was a great honor and privilege to do this for the King family.



Trapped Art Show and Fundraiser

Trapped Art Show Icon

Summer of 2016 I visited a hospital that treats a variety of mental diseases and issues. I focused with the military unit of the hospital. My objective was to interview some of the patients that were experiencing PTSD due to experiences at war. All the stories were emotional and very intriguing but there was one in particular I really connected with. It came from a former Navy Seal. He was seeking treatment from a head injury resulting from a bombing attack. This attack was his story that I connected with the most. He told it with so much passion and emotion that I knew that I wanted to partner with him to create illustrated short stories based off his real life experiences in war. Currently we have partnered up to create these stories. This transformed into the short illustrated novel, ‘Trapped’.

In parallel to the production of this book, I partnered with Colleen Cox, a local music therapist interested in forming a fundraiser raising awareness of mental illness as well as money for 3 local veterans in need for various reasons. The fundraiser was a huge success in numbers and community support. We sold a lot of books and fulfilled our goals.